Sunday, 1 April 2012

I want to dance,
To the rhythm of the silence.
Silence of someone’ presence,
The melody of the breath.

In the light of the eyes,
I want my feet to tap at every thought.
I want to grip the arm of the moment,
And swing with it.

Smell the neck of my desire,
With a tinge of sweat, of vigour.
Hold the waist of my dreams,
Just tug it closer, to me, my heart.

Feel the warmth of the presence,
Of someone immaterial, omnipresent.
Dance on the stage of its eye,
As it sees me naked, desire less,
burnt, charred, still red, burning.

Wreck myself, shatter my knees,
Dance to every breath and thought of it,
Relentless fire, taming the sun god,
Shatter the earth by the weight of my anger.

I want its eyes to water,
So much to calm me down.
But I wont, coz I love it so much,
and i want it to be known.

I want to stare, deep into its eyes,
To see the hidden lies, the untold truth.
Coz it keeps me from my love,
It keeps me away from me.

I want my heart to belch,
To break open and leap,
From the cage of my heart,
At the tip of its feet.

Standing in the corner,
Watching me burn from within deep,
Atleast then;
Atleast then, silence would speak.


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