Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The culmination of an era
The beginning of a new page.
Swam across towards the unknown,
An island of a New Age.

An aura of exhilarating feeling,
A feeling of success,
wrenching through the heart,
past is back packed, future rests on palms.

See the sun at the horizon,
Know it to rise in some other place.
Have to reach there,
Once again a new race.

Memories framed for eternity,
Written in bold and italics.
Tough times and tears will fade,
Smiles will stay as relict.

Sailed across the head wind,
Muscled the waves.
Shore is in sight,
Wear your shoes,
Future is just a walk in the park.

                                                                …. Shiv.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Its cold how silence wraps up the world,
But all settle in the warmth of its arms.
Trees just bow down,
And the breeze just rests at its feet.

Outrageous gulls find calm on roofs,
Sun makes a move towards its bed.
Rivers hold their bells from jingle,
Sky blushes until its red.

A sweet fragrance of peace,
Erupts from the earth.
Windows light up like stars,
Solitude fills up with mirth.

Takes the form of the desired being,
Talks the way your love would do.
Entwined fingers, entangled breath,
Walk miles on your dream’ path.

How empowered is silence indeed,
Beyond the loudest of the shores.
Modest, timid, effervescent,
Still ever pervasive and reclusive.


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Drenched heavy wings, unable to fly,
Felt lazy and started to fall.
Dived into the ocean of feelings,
Floating, breathless and high.

Clipped off the wings,
Swimming  through the ocean.
I love it and it loves me,
No more I want the sky.

Heart beating in every corner of my veins,
A million hearts to live and love.
Warmth cuts through the ocean
And sets it on fire.

An unfathomed bliss,
No dream come true can fulfil.
No island of desires to wish,
Just be here and drown here.

Just reach the depth of it,
Kiss it once, close to the heart.
Feel it in my veins,
And not hope for it to kiss back.