Saturday, 12 May 2012


Rolling on the stomach,
Palms tucked on the chest.
To hold the heart from falling,
To save a ruptured chest.

The desire to jump out,
Breathe scent of the air.
To stretch arms of laziness,
Outside the cage of despair.

To ponder unasked questions,
To keep sleep, waiting and awake.
To make a thread of thoughts,
For unfulfillment’s sake.

To cry, not out of pain,
But just to know we can.
Comfort that our heart is good,
Intend no harm if we ran.

And just when sleep is tired of waiting,
It pulls over the blanket.
Gathers all dirt of our brain,
And stuffs it in his pocket.

Morning when I wake,
My tears are all dry.
My worries all waned,
And smiling, sleep waves good bye.