Saturday, 29 October 2011

Rains in autumn.

Wonder the trees go dry,
When autumn comes by.
For the gifts it carries along,
Or drop some for it to carry by.

The leaves head to the roots,
Shedding colour on their way.
For the wind to collect,
Make autumn ugly in a beautiful way.

Crisp light, brittle air,
Goosebumps on the trees.
Light thinner shadows,
A million rays from a weed.

The clouds soaked,
In smoking breath,
And still cant drip a sweat.

But why, the sun so strong,
With legends past and beyond,
And head held so high,
But why, it just shies by…???


Saturday, 22 October 2011

Let it melt,
along the rungs to the toe.
Let it flow,
Like a trickle of rain on your brow.

Give me a drop of it,
on my chest and through.
Let it drip from the temple,
When bend to see me.

Bend a little more,
Let run along my arms.
Let the warmth burn my skin,                       
And let my lips help.

Behold its soft tender burns,
No scars but deep agony.
Like the pain in love,
Deeply desired, seldom admired.

And when it runs off my arms,
And tips off my finger,
Just wrap it in your warmth,
Tight and forever.

Just keep it molten
And flowing forever.