Monday, 19 March 2012

A moment dropped

Last night in the dark,
A moment just slipped off my hand,
my eyes rolled off to my finger tips,
and scourged the parched land.

I ran to the sun for help,
But its door was closed; locked.
I made my way up the window,
But his lights were off, he was sleep soaked.

I stood at the window,
Hoping it to rise,
But it was too early in the night,
I just left a tear by his bed side.

On my way back,
I saw the waves rushing to the coast,
Clearing the mess made by day,
Coz its the only time alone, its crowded by day.

I reached the lawn,
Where I dropped my moment,
hoping the birds would sing,
for the sun to wake any moment.

I tried making a bunch of stars,
To make a sun for night.
But they were too tiny and pricky,
And often fell off my hand.

I tried making a bunch all night,
And they often vanished my sight.
I worked blinded by my desire,
And they just played all night.

And then I saw a flock of servants,
Flying east to pull the sun up,
And there he came stretching his arms,
And smiling along as he came.

I pounced and searched the grass again,
To find my moment again.
But the dew had washed the moment away,
The sun rise was just in vain.

I still hate the sun,
For not staying at night.
I still look for that moment,
I dropped in the grass one night.


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