Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I like it when it rains,
Trees hide under their tiny green umbrellas,
While grasses spread their arms,
To welcome the drops into warm earth.

The wind takes the chill of the drops,
That rupture the scent bottles of the earth.
The fragrance envied by flowers,
But their stems dance in mirth.

Misty looks the day,
Mighty sun coats away.
Clouds come down to get wet,
Eagles gaze from high away.

Birds meet up to chat,
Share towels on the tree.
They need to dry their wings,
And talk of flight against the wind.

The rivers and lakes,
Set their buckets straight,
And waves along the shore,
Hits with all its weight.

Love just springs from air,
And wraps all within.
Passion drips from eyes,
And blood runs akin.

And rain just drenches all,
Hide within or without.
It just merrily falls,
Rekindling all about.

The sun just waits in desire,
For rain to finish the dance,
The clouds to come up and dry,
For sight of the earth’ shine.


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