Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Stolen moments..

Stolen moments, make u steal a smile,
In the crowd of loneliness,
that moment accompanies for miles.

A moment stolen, to be a bad child,
To steal from mom’s closet,
A cookie saved for evening,
Just for a taste as mild.

A stolen moment to wink,
at the girl on next bench.
When teacher scolds,
With teeth tight clenched.

A moment stolen to puff out smoke,
on backyard of the house.
To be grown up as a kid.
The tender feeling of a man to arouse.

A moment stolen,
To close your eyes.
When boredom speaks in class,
To kiss your love through your eyes.

A moment stolen,
To think of your career.
When on field with friends,
Playing with no fear.

A moment stolen in the crowd,
to hold her by your side.
And then not look her into the eye,
When she stares from inches beside.

A moment stolen,
To kiss the first kiss again.
Drenched in that wish,
Caught in the office cabin.

A moment stolen,
To think of these moments.
Is a new life stolen,
Filled with these moments.



  1. keep writing shiv .. love reading ur poems .. god bless u

  2. very good one...i didnt know u r a romantic!!!