Monday, 7 February 2011

I want to sing....

I don’t want to cry,
Coz my heart burns out.
Its better to lie,
As the soul walks out.

I don’t want to live,
When my love does depart.
I wish I could die,
Than living in parts.

She has walked down the way,
And left me all alone.
I wanted to sing her a song,
In her melodious tone.

I could not sing her the song,
She had already left.
I sit here by her side,
And sing to console my heart.

Who would make beautiful,
The silly songs I wrote for her.
The best of the melodies if I get,
Would I ever sing for her.

She showered all praises,
For silly words I wrote.
Deep within our hearts we knew,
Its love that makes it a song.

I promise not to write anything silly,
I promise to write good verse.
Please come back to tune my song,
I can’t bear on the curse.

If you cant come back forever,
Please come back for a while.
Listen to a last song of mine,
I would sing longer than a while.

Even if that is not to happen,
Tell the mighty god there.
Lift me up to his court,
and I will sing for you there.



  1. Hey Shiv... Nice lines... really good...:)
    keep it up ..!!

  2. aawwssommmeeeeeeee ... love u

  3. Shiv...m mesmerised by ur poems...keep up the good work...i wud read every poem u write...