Monday, 7 February 2011

Born again....

Warm toe jerked rolling chair smirked.
Dead brown veins pleading the wicked cornea.
Crisp weeds, prick the soles.
That winter there had never felt,
Warmth of a pounding heart.

Silhouettes with wine glasses,
Clattering along carpals.
Staring askance at me.
Clattering to the tunes,
of the hotel of eagles’

chill whispering grievously,
with a venomous breath.
One finger finding other in vain,
For a moment of warmth.

Whizzed past, a grim faced cart.
Towing a carriage of shrieking shadows.
Feet Stumbled faster,
For a bite of sun, a prick of meadows

Ducked head in the hollow,
hollow void of beats.
Ran with a belching spine,
Reaching for a carnal home.

After miles of silent chase,
Felt crimson shine on a toe.
Climbed the edge of hill,
And dove into the valley so mellow.

Stretched my shoulders in rejoice,
Felt red filling in veins.
Heart yelped out of chest,
I am being born again.


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