Sunday, 15 July 2012

I am gonna fly,
Its just a matter of time.
Even time has no option,
Than to just pass for me.

My wings are itching,
I can feel them gain strength.
I wish to see the earth,
Gleam at it, from high, high above.

I don’t want to sleep,
Not rest a moment.
Coz i want to live my dream,
Not just see it.

I have loads of work,
My fingers don’t tire.
The fear is ,I will live all my dreams
and wont have any to live more.

But then I will sleep,
And when I wake up ,
I'll wake up with wings,
So i don’t have to wait for it to grow.

Coz I know from my heart,
And I don’t believe it ,
When people say.
Sky is the limit.

                                                                ... Shiv.

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